As I am sure you are aware, rising demand and value of the 100 trillion series notes has attracted the wrong kind of attention. As more and more of these counterfeit notes hit the market, they are causing a panic as customers rush to check if their notes are indeed authentic. Rest assured that we only sell the real thing (we got them from Zimbabwe) at 100Trillions. We wanted to point some things out just in case you where unsure of your note. First are the obvious features like the golden strip running along the left side of the face and the golden/bronze Zimbabwe Bird on the bottom right. Then there’s the quality of the print, make sure that you can see the fine details of the drawing. These suggestions are good, but best way to tell if a note is real is under a UV/Blacklight in a DARK room setting. The entire note changes color to blue and the peach colored center of the note changes to yellow. The serial numbers change colors from red and black to orange and green respectively. The center strip and Zimbabwe Bird also change into a blue color. We guarantee all our Zimbabwe banknotes to be 100% authentic, we even print the serial number of every individual note we verify on the certificate of authenticity. If after all this you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us at (866)242-2159 and we will be happy to assist. As always,

thanks a trillion!

Zimbabwe UV Banknote Images